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Care Instructions

Team Country Allure |

How to care for your beautiful, bold Country Allure cowhide products


cowhide table cover

Whether it’s a statement rug, a bold bag or boots that’ll give you the swagger you deserve. We want you to know how best to care for your new purchase to make it last for years to come.

When you buy a Country Allure cowhide product, you’re buying a bold, quality and unique piece. Your purchase should express your individuality, your wild heart and make you feel as unique as you are. We want that feeling to last for years to come.

So how do you continue to look after your stunning new purchase? What’s the best way to care for your bag? Or your beautiful rug? And what the heck do you do when your bestie spills her wine all over your new table runner?

Here’s some scenarios and a few simple care tips that are super quick and easy (for the busy, warrior woman that you are).


The “I want my cowhide rug to be as damn fabulous as I am for years to come” scenario:

Buying a cowhide rug is buying a statement piece. It brings a wow factor to any room and you want it to last the distance. So how to make sure that happens? It’s all about regular maintenance.

1. Vacuum your rug often. Include it in your regular household vacuum and always vacuum in the direction of the hair. This will prevent pile up of dust, dirt or anything else that doesn’t belong on such a bold piece.

2. Get outdoors. No, I don’t mean take your rug for a hike. I mean take it outside for a regular shake. Vacuuming is great, but sometimes you just need to shake it out for best results.

3. Give it a brush. If you’re like me, you might not brush your own hair as often as you should. Don’t let that be the fate of your beautiful cowhide rug. Brush in the direction of the hair, with a hard-bristled brush.

4. Last, but not least, treat your rug like you do your magnificent self. With love, with care and respect. You both deserve it.


cowhide bag


cowhide bag


The “I want to look after my new purchase as well as I look after myself” scenario:

When you buy a smaller cowhide product from Country Allure, such as boots or a bag, we want it to last. We all love a little selfcare (and deserve it). So, treat your new purchase to a little regular care to make it stand out as much as you do.

Here’s how to care for our smaller cowhide products so that fresh, fabulous feeling lasts for you both.

The bold, beautiful cowhide bag:

1. No two days are the same for a unique, wild hearted woman like you. Let that be the same for your bag. Swap the side you show to the world each time you wear it. That way natural friction against your clothes is minimised.

2. Give your bag a hard-bristled brush every so often to remove any dust or dirt.

3. With a damp cloth, gently wipe any marks in the direction of the hair.

4. If it’s a spill, jump to the liquid spills scenario a little down the page to get the insider tips and tricks on what to do.

5. When you’re not using your bag, store it in a cool, dry cupboard.


The cushion covers, placemats, coasters and more:

1. Swap them around where possible so the same one isn’t being used or sat on all the time.

2. Again, a hard-bristled brush to remove dust and dirt does wonders

3. Damp cloths, gentle wipes and lots of love will keep your cowhide products as bold and unique as you are.

4. Another spill? It’s okay, it happens. Have a read of the scenarios below so you know exactly what to do.

5. When not in use, always store cowhide in a dark, cool and dry place.








The “my best friend laughed so hard she spat her wine all over my cowhide table runner” scenario:

The good thing here is that clearly you tell great jokes. The not-so-good thing is that liquid stains can be a little tricky. It doesn’t have to be wine. It might be your kid’s juice or your morning coffee (for your sake, I hope not).

It doesn’t have to be your table runner either, this covers liquid spills on all our cowhide products. Spills happen and whether it’s wine, rum, coffee or tea you need to action that spill faster than a bolting horse.

So, let’s spill the tea on how to get it sorted:

1. Grab that paper towel and soak up the spill as best you can.

2. Wipe the affected area with a damp cloth to remove any potential staining.

3. If the mark is a little stubborn (aren’t we all?) then use a non-alkaline cleaner to gently apply pressure to the area and remove the leftover mark. You could use a homemade mix of 95% water and 5% vinegar. Keep in mind, your rug is sensitive to change in alkalinity, so keep a non-alkaline shampoo, soap or detergent handy for when you need it.


The “I don’t know why my kids thought it was okay to eat pizza on the rug” scenario: 

Food spills are for the most part a little easier than liquid spills. So, try to stay calm, direct your kids to the dining table (perhaps remove your cowhide table runner) and get cracking as fast as you can.

Again, this covers food spills on all our cowhide products.

1. Remove the food as best you can without spreading it. What you can’t easily remove, you now need to let dry.

2. Once it’s dry, gently scrape it away with your hard-bristled brush. Remember to be gentle and always brush in the direction of the hair.

3. What to do with what’s left? Use a damp cloth to gently remove any stubborn marks. If they’re still there, try a small amount of eucalyptus oil (this is especially helpful for anything greasy – hello pizza).

4. Let it all dry to see if there’s any remaining stains or marks. If there are, repeat the process.


The “My cowhide rug has better curls than Shirley Temple” scenario:

Every cowhide rug is unique. Except for one minor detail. The thin corners can begin to curl. Now, before you start thinking ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ there’s a couple of simple, effective ways to halt the curling and make it last.

1. You know on a Summer’s day, when you’ve straightened your hair, but the heat won’t let up and your natural curls (which are divine, mind you) start to show? Same for your rug. The heat can curl the thinner corners. If you notice this try to find a cooler spot away from the heat or direct sunlight.

2. Once you’ve removed heat as a contributing factor, spray the corners (underneath and on top) very, very lightly with a tiny bit of water. You just want it to be a little damp. Then add a weight (such as a few old books) to the corners for a day or two until it regains a flat and fabulous shape.

3. Any time you notice a little curling, you can use this spray, weigh and flatten technique to re-stretch the hide and keep it as flat as a tack.




Never fear wear and tear, and near calamity, ever again! Now, you can purchase your next new Country Allure cowhide product, with reckless abandon and utmost confidence. Safe in the knowledge that you can make your purchase last for years to come.

(Make sure you keep these tips handy, for life’s little cowhide product emergencies. Print them and pin them to your fridge! It might just save your (cow)hide!)


Over to you..