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Cowhide Craft Packs

Jess Price |

In spirit of our newly released craft packs, this week we are going to blog about everything Cowhide Craft Packs!

These have absolutely gone off and you've smashed us with orders, nearly selling out in only 3 days. So it's clear that you will want more! I mean, why wouldn't you?! We all can't get enough cowhide! 

Our craft packs come in a variety of sizes, patterns and shapes. No pack is the same, because no piece of cowhide is the same. That's the beauty of it. We have three different sizes - small, medium and large. You can choose from a pack of Natural Cowhide, a pack of Acid Wash Cowhide or a mixture of the both!

And now you also have the option to either trust our tastes to make up a good variety pack of cowhide and buy a Mystery Pack or see and choose your own pack with our individually photographed packs. 

We have packs to make your own earrings, bangle and rings with our DIY Jewellery pack. These come with everything you need, from the pre-cut cowhide, the glue, earring moulds, straight bars and backings. Plus a whole lot more! These are not only great for those crafty people, but could be an exciting project for the young cowgirls and mini Wildhearts, as long as they are over 12 (There are many small pieces in them in which are a choking hazard, and the bonding glue is very strong)

We absolutely don't like wastage, and we see so much potential with our cowhide offcuts, so rather than throwing them away, we thought why not give our customers the opportunity to create with us as well?

But what could you make with them? I'm going to rattle off a quick 10 idea's, but honestly the possibilities are endless.

  • Patchwork cushion covers
  • Mandala's from hole punched cowhide pieces eg circles, teardrops etc.
  • Bookmark's
  • Christmas tree decorations
  • Scrapbook title lettering
  • Cutlery display holder/ring's
  • Embellishments for crafting/scrapbooking
  • Curtain bundle ties 
  • Cowhide hair bows
  • Key fob/lanyard

Cowhide is durable and strong, so whatever you decide to do with it, it's going to last! High traffic can sometimes cause hair shedding though, so consider that when you're designing and creating. 

Pro Tips:

When it comes to sewing, make sure to use a thick and strong needle that's made for leather. A standard gauge needle will struggle and may snap trying to penetrate the cowhide. Be sure to use a thick thread as well.

Always cut cowhide from the inside (skin side, not hair side) for a straight and sharp look, using a new blade box cutter. But be super careful, leather can be tough to cut. Take your time and cut AWAY from yourself. 

Remember to do your maintenance on your cowhide products, whether purchased from us or made yourself. Check out our Cowhide Care Instructions 

We would love to hear and see what you use your cowhide craft packs for, so feel free to send in photos of your creations!

And if you have any questions in regards to Cowhide, Cowhide Craft Packs, leather or any of our products, don't hesitate to contact us on our social page! We will absolutely do our best to help where we can.

Happy crafting you lovely people!

Signing off for now,

Jess Price ✨