Our Founder



I'm not a university graduate or have a background in business. I'm not from a wealthy family or have lived the perfect life. I am not the perfect friend, perfect lover or perfect daughter. But I am, me. 


I have been told I'm crazy, more times than I'd like to admit. I'm sometimes disorganised and have a tendency to forget what day it is. I can take weeks to return emails and sometimes like to jump without fully knowing the consequences. It's a common occurrence for me to go days without wearing make up or brushing my hair. 


I can be bossy and impatient. I have spent days drowning in my own negativity & self doubt. I've also gone without sleep to live my full potential. 


Above all this, I am passionate, I am caring and I am beyond dedicated. I am ok with who I am, flaws and all. I've become quite fond of not fitting in and embrace those who dare to stand in their own truth.


I have a long standing love affair with strong coffee, chocolate and bundaberg rum. I have a heart far bigger than my insecurities and a yearning for the outback. I don't want my existence to be mediocre and I don't care for normal. I want to discover, learn, succeed, fail and everything in between.


I want to live my life to it's full potential, I want to push my mind, body and spirit to it's true strength. I want my reality to become far bigger than my dreams. I want to prove that women in the outback can achieve incredible things.


I love to design and create, I love a challenge and am right at home wherever my dogs and sketchbook are.


I am Angela Taylor. I am real and also a work in progress. 



Angela Taylor - Founder and CEO at Country Allure 




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