Quality Leather
Sourced ethically from the best tanneries in the world
Australian Lifestyle Brand
Where strength is beauty & style is power
Leading Designer
Creating unique hand crafted pieces
Elisha Cowhide Purse 020
Sold Out
Elisha Cowhide Purse 019
Elisha Cowhide Purse 018
Elisha Cowhide Purse 017
Elisha Cowhide Purse 016
Elisha Cowhide Purse 015
Original Duffel Bag 033
Original Duffel Bag 033
$250.00 $339.00
Original Duffel Bag 060
Original Duffel Bag 061
Original Duffel Bag 062
Natalie Tote 004
Natalie Tote 005
Natalie Tote 007
Natalie Tote 009
Sparkly Studs - Gold/Peach
Sparkly Studs - Light Blue
Sparkly Studs - White
Sparkly Studs - Dark Blue
Tammy Tassel Bag 012
Tammy Tassel Bag 011
Tammy Tassel Bag 010
Tammy Tassel Bag 008
Tammy Tassel Bag 007
Tammy Tassel Bag 006
Luna Handbag 090 XL
Luna Handbag 089 XL SALE
Luna Handbag 088 XL
Luna Handbag 086 XL
Cowhide Tassel 03 Yellow SALE
Cowhide Tassel 04 Brown SALE
Sold Out
Cowhide Tassel 003
Cowhide Tassel 004
Cowhide Tassel 011
Cowhide Tassel 012
Ebony Tri-fold Purse 078 SALE
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Ebony Tri-fold Purse 058
Sold Out
Ebony Tri-fold Purse 029 SALE
Sold Out
Ebony Tri-fold Purse 089

Our Story

“To provide unique and stylish products which inspire and empower the wild hearts of the world. Our authentic craftsmanship and undeniable customer satisfaction will set the standard globally”  – Country Allure Mission


At Country Allure, we love designing and creating. With pieces often evolving from one season to the next. Our extensive leather range boasts some of the most unique patterns in the world. Designed in rural Queensland, our stylish pieces are handcrafted with the love they deserve.


From cowhide leather bags & décor, to an exclusive range of raw silver jewellery. We believe that being unique is a great gift which should translate through your style choices.


From humble beginnings, Country Allure has cemented its place as one of Australia’s leading lifestyle brands. We are always proud of the products we create, our designs and collections, but, we are most proud of the ethical way in which we conduct our business and how we give back to the community. We are constantly striving to support those who support us, choosing to work with charities that are close to our hearts, as well as yours.  


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