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10 Reasons WHY You Should Buy From Country Allure

Angela Taylor |

10 Reasons why you should buy from Country Allure

So, you’re in the market for cowhide goodies? Congratulations! You have great taste. That's a start.
With the many many cowhide slash western fashion businesses out there today, what makes Country Allure number one? Is it because of our impeccable quality? That we ship worldwide? That our purses and bags are unique and one-of-a-kind? Or the fact that we are just an awesome crew in general? The answer is yes to all! Country Allure prides itself on everything listed above, and then some!
Today, we are sharing 10 fun facts on us, and why you should totally consider buying from Country Allure.
1. Started from the bottom, now we're here.
And no, I'm not referring to Drake's catchy tune. As much as it is now stuck in my head as I write this. Angela Taylor, the founder and owner of Country Allure, had began running the business on her lounge room floor by herself, whilst living and working in Blackwater, Central Queensland in 2017.
Country Allure has come a long way in the 3 years since it's birth. Whilst still located in the humble mining town of Blackwater, Country Allure now has it's own store, we like to call it, "HQ". With plans for HQ to undergo some expansions in the coming months. C.A hosts a total of 8 staff members, across our HQ base and via digital correspondence. With the force of Country Allure's dedicated team, there's no stopping us!
Everyone loves a glow-up story, right?
2. Blackwater? Where the heck is Blackwater??
Heard of it? Most likely not. Blackwater is located in the Central Queensland region. We are approximately 2 hours west of Rockhampton. Or about 9 hours north west of Brisbane. Blackwater holds the title for the coal capital of Queensland, so that's gotta count for something, right? As much as Blackwater is a mining town, it also homes many rural properties and their families. We all know how much our farmers are in need of our support right now. Which is why we are firm believers of the movement, #buyfromthebush. Country Allure prides itself on helping out in it's own backyard, donating and sponsoring local events and charities as much as possible. Which leads us to the next point..
3. We give a sh*t!
Just to be totally blunt. We do. We really do. When you have a business that is owned, run and operated by a group of compassionate women from all walks of life; when those personalities come together, you will find that some of us have been to that place of need. Some of us have been to hell and back. Some of us just want to be heard. Some of us are just great listeners. We cannot change the world in one day. But day by day, CA's mission is to make a difference to someone, somewhere, each and every day.
Country Allure donates everything from money, gift vouchers, stock and time, to charities, organizations and events. (All within our C.A guidelines, of course.) C.A has done extensive work with Drought Angels, Dolly's Dream and The Cancer Council, just to name a few. Late last year, Country Allure teamed up with another local business, Kwik Fix Phones, to host a fundraiser for breast cancer. An all-ladies event consisting of informative speeches about cancer and inspiring survivors' stories, dinner, cocktails, raffles and even a C.A fashion parade! All proceeds from the evening went to the Cancer Council.
As I am writing this, Country Allure is currently donating 100% of profits made from merchandise to notable charities involved with the bush fires that are currently raging through our country.
I hope I can look back on this blog post some day and say that our nation made a full recovery.
4. Our gear is great!
Yes, I said it. Biased? Maybe. Truthful? Definitely. Our products are made with the best quality leather and materials there is to offer. Quality control is second-to-none. Staff check over the stock before it leaves our manufacturing facility, then checked on incoming to HQ, and every item purchased is checked over AGAIN before being wrapped and packed en-route to you! All of our jewelry is hand-made onsite by us staff. It is a great creative outlet for me, personally. Just know, when you are buying Country Allure, know you are also buying quality.
5. No one likes to be left-out.
We are all-inclusive when it comes to our models and photo shoots etc.
Don't have a ''model figure''? Brilliant! Think you are too old to model for us? Doubt it. Age is just a number as far as modelling for us goes. It's open slather. Take me for example, never modeled in my life, (Except for that one time I did a fashion parade when i was like, 3. And the fashion parades I'd host with my sisters in the living room as kids.) Besides that, I have participated in a few shoots with C.A, and I am far from what I'd call ''model material''. But I embrace it and it turns out it can be quite fun. If you're local to the area and are interested in participating in a shoot sometime, hit me up at jaz@countryallure.com I'll save your deets and swing you a message next time we are doing a shoot. x
6. SALE!!
That got your attention, didn't it? C.A always has crazy stuff going on, deals you can't miss and new products frequently. Stay informed via Instagram and Facebook, even sign up to our e-mailing list. You'll be the first one to know.
Again, gotcha! But seriously.. By now, you know C.A can be quite generous. C.A has giveaways regularly via our IG and FB pages. Again, make sure you are following @countryallure on those platforms to be in it to win it! Why is C.A so generous and just giving stuff away, you ask? I've covered most of that in above points. But it's all about the karma, baby! We are firm believers in; whatever you put out into the word comes right back at you!
8. Our range is HUGE!
That's pretty self-explanatory. You will not be disappointed. Our website has 100's of bags, jewelery and clothing.
Check it out for yourself: countryallure.com
It's true. It's wonderful! It's tempting.
**Shop responsibly ;)
10. We're just regular-shmegular gals, like you!
We're just trying to run a business in rural Queensland and empower women along the way, in any way we can. Know that when you are buying Country Allure, you are supporting rural women and their dreams. Whether the dream is having a western fashion empire, a holiday or a new toaster.
It's a women-supporting-women world we want, let's start now!

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