Hot Iron Branding

Welcome to Country Allure's Hot Iron Branding Service 

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions outlined here before proceeding with your personalised branding order.

Hot iron branding is one of the oldest methods used globally to identify livestock. The technique involves heating a metal brand to a point where it singes the hair leaving a permanent black mark.

At Country Allure, we provide hot iron branding as a finishing touch to our cowhide products, creating a personalised and further unique look. Choose between letters and numbers to create your unique combination. The technique is done freehand, by our studio team. We will try our best, though freehand work does come with risks. Branding is not a perfect finish and should not be expected to be perfect like laser engraving. Not all products are suitable for hot iron branding and if you are unsure if your desired product is suitable, please contact our team prior to purchasing.

Things to note when purchasing Hot Iron Branding:

  • Branding burns the hair and products may arrive with an unpleasant smell, this should go away once left out in the open for a period of time (Burnt Smell Due To The Burning Of Hair)
  • Branding can look less appealing on longer hair hide products
  • Branding is not suitable/visible on darker hides
  • Branding CANNOT be done on cowhide rugs & calf hides 
  • Branding products are NOT eligible for returns


When ordering, please make note of the character recommendations:   

  • 2 characters on small purses and clutches  
  • 3 characters on large purses and clutch
  • 2-4 characters on handbags and travel bags


If you have any queries at all or want to check the product you're purchasing is suitable for branding, please contact our customer care team Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm PH: 0428 259 616 or email

Please allow up to 3 business days from purchase for your hot iron branding to be processed and dispatched.