Brand Ambassador - T&C's

Terms and Conditions of Brand Ambassador Agreement – Country Allure (“Company”)

 As a Brand Ambassador, I understand and agree to the following: 

  1. I am not an employee, agent, franchisee or partner of the Company. I cannot act on behalf of the Company. I do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the Company.
  2. I will promote and market Company products to potential customers by supplying them with an assigned promotion code. Customers will receive 10%-15% discount on any Company products. I will not promise any additional discounts to prospective customers unless authorized by the Company.
  3. I will use appropriate hashtags and account tags when promoting the Company in all sources of social media.
  4. I will receive Reward Points based on orders submitted via Company website using my assigned promotion code. Reward points will be earned based on the order total prior to any applicable tax and/or shipping fees. This will be equal to 10% of the purchase price depending on the product.
  5. I will be granted reward points at the end of each active month. I will not receive any cash value for any unused or un-redeemed reward points. I will receive 30% discount on any Company products as an active Brand Ambassador. See active Brand Ambassador definition.
  6. If customer orders are submitted without using my Brand Ambassador promotion code, these orders will not be credited to my account.  No cash compensation will be provided by the Company. Only one promotion code can be applied per order.  
  7. I will not sell Company product on unauthorized websites on the internet or in retail establishments. 
  8. I will protect the Company’s trademark by not reproducing the Company’s name/trademark or any company materials for use in advertising without the approval of the Company.
  9. I will promote the Company and any of the Company’s products with genuine enthusiasm on social media accounts by posting appropriate photos/captions showcasing the Company products. I will contact the Company if a clear understanding of “appropriate” photos is needed. I will not receive any financial or other compensation for product promotion through my social media network.
  10. I will not promote the Company’s direct competition on social media, advertising promotions, word of mouth or any form of promotional opportunities.
  11. I will disclose any Company profiles that I am a Brand Ambassador for.
  12. I will post weekly on my Instagram should I have an account and tag Country Allure in each post. I understand that I have permission to repost an existing post by the Company.     
  13. I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects the highest standard of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of the Company.  If I do not uphold these standards, I will be immediately removed from the Brand Ambassador Program and forfeit any unused reward points.
  14. If I choose to leave the Brand Ambassador program, I will need to give two weeks’ notice. Failure to give notice will forfeit any remaining reward points.
  15. If the Company terminates the Brand Ambassador program, I have one month to redeem my accumulated reward points based on the redemption guidelines prior to my account being closed.
  16. I must be an “active” Brand Ambassador (earning reward points every month) to remain in the program.
  17. I understand that I can use my discount code to gain customers on any social media platform. This includes buy/swap/sell pages.
  18. I agree that the Company reserves the right to assure continued service to customers if I cease to be an active Brand Ambassador. 

 Country Allure (Company) understands and agrees:

  1. Company will compensate the Brand Ambassador with 10% commissions based on orders placed on using the Brand Ambassador’s promotion code. Com[any will pay this out monthly.
  2. Company will add earned reward points to the Brand Ambassador’s account within 2 business days of an order submission. Company will not cancel any order submission or add reward points if an order was submitted without a Brand Ambassador promotion code.
  3. Company may provide additional reward points / product awards to top performing Brand Ambassadors at their discretion.
  4. If the Company terminates the program, the Company must provide 30 days written notice to all Brand Ambassadors prior to the termination date.   Company must maintain the Brand Ambassador Reward accounts for three months after the communicated termination date.


  1. This agreement is subject to acceptance by the Company and is conditioned by the acceptance of the Brand Ambassador Welcome Packet.
  2. Either party may terminate this agreement immediately for cause or without reason upon written notice.
  3. Country Allure may discontinue the Brand Ambassador Program at any time.
  4. The Brand Ambassadors will not be treated as a Company employee for any reason.