Afterpay gives you a flexible payment option with zero interest on repayments. It allows you to receive your product up front and pay the cost of over four easy to manage repayments.

Payments are set up as fortnightly equal instalments; tailored to the best day for you.

How does it work?

  • 4 equal interest free payments directly debited from your chosen card.
  • Your order will be shipped immediately for you to enjoy.
  • No interest or fees with purchase. 

What do I need to use Afterpay?

  • A debit Card
  • To be over 18 years of age
  • To live in Australia

How do I use Afterpay?

Fully integrated with Country Allure; simply chose it as your payment option at the checkout. You will then be directed to the Afterpay website to set up an account.


Ainsley Duffle 032
Ainsley Duffle 039
Ainsley Duffle 042
Ainsley Duffle 043
Annie Coin Purse 105
Annie Coin Purse 107
Sold Out
Annie Coin Purse 109
Annie Coin Purse 110
Sold Out
Bargain Bin Purse 36
Sold Out
Bargain Bin Purse 28
Sold Out
Bargain Bin Purse 22
Sold Out
Bargain Bin Baby Bag 11
Sold Out
Basic Tassels - Dark Green
Basic Tassels - Purple Multi Colour
Basic Tassels - Dark Blue
Basic Tassels - Cream
Turquoise Beaded Cactus Statement
Cowhide Pendant Beaded Necklace 026
Cowhide Pendant Beaded Necklace 025
Cowhide Pendant Beaded Necklace 020
Sparkly Studs - Gold/Peach
Sparkly Studs - Light Blue
Sparkly Studs - White
Sparkly Studs - Dark Blue
Boho Tassels - Ochre
Boho Tassels - Cream
Boho Tassels - Rust
Boho Tassels - Red
Bonnie Bucket Bag 013
Sold Out
Bonnie Bucket Bag 030
Bonnie Bucket Bag 028
Bonnie Bucket Bag 027
Phoenix Cowhide Boots - Polkadot
Sold Out
Java Cowhide Boots - Tan
Montana Cowhide Boots - Tan
Montana Cowhide Boots - Black
Pink Country Allure Bag Tag
Country Allure Trucker - Pink
Green Country Allure Bag Tag
Purple Country Allure Bag Tag
Brandy Boots - Brown size 9
Brandy Boots - Brown size 8
Brandy Boots - Brown size 6
Brandy Boots - Brown size 6
Cactus & Longhorn Keychain 004
Cactus & Longhorn Keychain 007
Cactus & Longhorn Keychain 011
Cactus Cowhide Dangle 001
Cactus Cowhide Dangle 002
Cactus Cowhide Dangle 003
Cactus Cowhide Dangle 004
Small Second Grade Calf 05
Small Second Grade Calf 02
Medium Second Grade Calf 07
Medium Second Grade Calf 03
Claire Large 128
Claire Large 127
Claire Large 126
Claire Large 125
Claire Large 101
Claire Large 102
Claire Large 103
Claire Large 105
Claire Small 030
Claire Small 027
Claire Small 026
Claire Small 024
Ainsley Duffle 052 SALE
Ainsley Duffle 052 SALE
$329.00 $429.00
Bull Cowhide Tassel 020 SALE
Cha Cha Earring - Brown SALE
Cha Cha Earring - Red SALE
Halterneck Dress
Sunflower Summer Dress
Sold Out
White Lace Top
Mustard Crop
Mustard Crop
Jessica Clutch 092
Jessica Clutch 089
Jessica Clutch 086
Jessica Clutch 083
Cowhide Coaster Set 047
Cowhide Coaster Set 046
Cowhide Coaster Set 045
Cowhide Coaster Set 044
Annie Coin Purse 129
Annie Coin Purse 127
Annie Coin Purse 125
Annie Coin Purse 124
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 034
Sold Out
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 044
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 043
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 042