Afterpay gives you a flexible payment option with zero interest on repayments. It allows you to receive your product up front and pay the cost of over four easy to manage repayments.

Payments are set up as fortnightly equal instalments; tailored to the best day for you.

How does it work?

  • 4 equal interest free payments directly debited from your chosen card.
  • Your order will be shipped immediately for you to enjoy.
  • No interest or fees with purchase. 

What do I need to use Afterpay?

  • A debit Card
  • To be over 18 years of age
  • To live in Australia

How do I use Afterpay?

Fully integrated with Country Allure; simply chose it as your payment option at the checkout. You will then be directed to the Afterpay website to set up an account.


Green Keychain
Purple Keychain
Pink Keychain
Pink Keychain
Blue Keychain
Blue Keychain
Ainsley Duffle 12
Ainsley Duffle 15
Ainsley Duffle 16
Ainsley Duffle 027
B Grade Calf Hide L2002
B Grade Calf Hide M3003
B Grade Calf Hide M3007
M Calf Hide 312
Claire Large 179
Sold Out
Claire Large 153
Claire Large 150
Sold Out
Claire Small 094
Claire Large 114
Claire Large 118
Claire Large 120
Claire Large 121
Claire Small 094
Claire Small 093
Claire Small 092
Claire Small 091
Natures Weave Rug
Natures Weave Rug
$399.00 $799.00
Circular Way Rug
Circular Way Rug
$449.00 $899.00
Monochrome Rug
Monochrome Rug
$329.00 $499.00
Jessica Clutch 078
Jessica Clutch 076
Jessica Clutch 074
Jessica Clutch 070
Cowhide Coaster Set 046
Sold Out
Cowhide Coaster Set 034
Sold Out
Cowhide Coaster Set 084
Cowhide Coaster Set 083
Olivia Coin Purse 044
Olivia Coin Purse 043
Olivia Coin Purse 042
Olivia Coin Purse 041
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 08
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 07
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 06
Genuine Pearl and Hide Set 05
Cowhide Bangle 08
Sold Out
Cowhide Bangle 011
Sold Out
Cowhide Bangle 012
Cowhide Bangle 013
Cowhide Dangle 03
Cowhide Dangle 011
Sold Out
Cowhide Dangle 012
Cowhide Dangle 013
Cowhide Floor Rug 040
Cowhide Floor Rug 037
Sold Out
Cowhide Floor Rug 025
Sold Out
Cowhide Floor Rug 024
Sold Out
Cowhide Front Cushion Cover 097
Sold Out
Cowhide Front Cushion Cover 056
Cowhide Front Cushion Cover 095
Cowhide Front Cushion Cover 094
Cowhide Statement Ring 06
Sold Out
Cowhide Statement Ring 011
Sold Out
Cowhide Statement Ring 09
Cowhide Statement Ring 07
Cowhide Studs 040
Sold Out
Cowhide Studs 038
Sold Out
Cowhide Studs 031
Sold Out
Cowhide Studs 039
Cowhide Table Runner 01
Cowhide Table Runner 02
Cowhide Table Runner 04
Cowhide Table Runner 05
Cowhide Tassel 013
Cowhide Tassel 014
Cowhide Tassel 020
Cowhide Tassel 05
Craft Hide Pack Small
Craft Hide Pack Large
Craft Hide Pack Medium
Cross Stitch Cushion Cover 032
Cross Stitch Cushion Cover 031
Cross Stitch Cushion Cover 030
Cross Stitch Cushion Cover 029
Solid Black Gold Devore