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Meet Our Team

Here at Country Allure, we’ve been blessed with the best.

Our Team are the backbone of our brand; strong, supportive, confident women who go above and beyond every day, to ensure that every experience you have with us, is a great one!

Bringing those country feels and vibrant energy, this team makes coming to work each day, an all-round good time.

We know that each member plays a super important role, and we value their commitment, passion and dedication to each other; and to you!

At Country Allure, we know how to talk, and we absolutely know how to listen.

We speak up with confidence, and we take on board feedback when we need to make changes.

Our ability to communicate with each other no matter the challenge, is what makes us so strong!

We’re hard workers. We’re here to get it DONE.

But we play hard, too.

From team dinners out, to heading to fancy schmancy awards nights, everything we do, we do together.

We are so excited for you to get to know the babes behind the brand,




Ange Taylor - Founder & CEO

Country Allure came to life when I decided I didn’t have to listen to what society was telling me about what I could or could not do. I decided it absolutely was possible to turn my creativity into my career, and that’s exactly what I did.

From a girl with a dream on the lounge room floor back in 2017, to the CEO and Founder of a thriving business in 2021, this business has become the greatest achievement of my life.

I absolutely don’t do this alone though, and I am beyond grateful for the incredible team of women who support me in bringing the Country Allure dream to life, every day.

Fun fact about Ange: Her first career was as a Vet Nurse



Sam Hudson - Operations Manager

When Sam first joined the team, she was reserved, quiet and capable.

She got in there, she got her job done, and she kept to herself.

Then one day, something just clicked! Suddenly, the calm, quiet Sam we knew was replaced with the most vibrant, amazing, bubbly personality!

She stepped into her confidence and allowed herself to shine, and we absolutely love that about her.

With a background in Agriculture and Retail, Sam has been bringing a wealth of skills and knowledge to the Country Allure team since early 2019.

Sam is still our cool, calm, and collected one.

But that sparkle is there, and it makes her absolutely magic at getting everything done in a really fun, positive way.

Fun fact about Sam: She only eats tomato on tacos


Keels Muller - Wholesale Assistant

Keels is the type of person who is willing to give anything a go!

Joining the team in early 2021, Keels found her way to Country Allure after trying her hand at a range of different jobs after leaving school.

Keels brings an incredible energy to our team. She is one of our youngest team members and she is incredibly proactive, creative and genuinely understanding and supportive of the people around her.

Keels will take on anything we throw at her and handles it without complaining; she’s an all-round good chick!

Fun fact about Keels: Her favourite snack is mayo on toast


Jaz Belton - Content Creator

Jaz lives her life authentically, every step of the way.

With Jaz, what you see is what you get. She is strong, real and doesn’t worry about what other people think of her. She knows she’s awesome, and her confidence in herself, helps all of us feel more confident about our own selves, too.

Coming from a retail background at the 2019, Jaz now creates awesome content for Country Allure. She creates product photography and website content that really helps bring our brand to life.

Fun fact about Jaz: Thrives on a good sip of tea (insert sly wink)


Greer Webley - Retail Assistant

Greer is one of those amazing young women who really knows her own mind.

She is incredibly intelligent, super independent and knows how to think situations through to come up with the best possible outcome.

Greer supports Country Allure as a Retail Assistant, and she is one busy person! She also attends school, prepares for University and is a talented country music singer who tours throughout Queensland!

Greer is incredibly creative and brings some really cool ideas to the Country Allure table.

We often forget Greer’s age, as she is wise and mature beyond her years!

Fun fact about Greer: She has an irrational fear of geckos 


Delaney Window - Retail Assistant

Delaney is a strong, confident young woman and someone who is not afraid to stand up for herself, or what she believes in.

Balancing her work as a Retail Assistant here at Country Allure, with her responsibilities at school, Delaney is the type of person who knows how to get stuff done.

She is a fantastic listener, always takes on board anything that is asked of her and know what needs to happen in order to get the job done, and done well.

Delaney brings her whole, authentic self, every day. We love her for it!

Fun fact about Delaney: Her favourite dessert is butter melted on rice


Em Griffith - Social Media Marketing Manager

Em is our social media guru and the creator of Oh Em G Marketing.

This girl helps us really connect and engage with our amazing customers!

There isn’t anything we can throw at Em that she won’t be able to handle, and she is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades.

She’s a strong, passionate, creative woman and an awesome Mum to 2 gorgeous kiddos.

Em is super smart, and helps create content, manage a huge range of marketing strategies and supports us in endless ways, every day.

Em shares the Country Allure vision and holds the same ideals; she really is the perfect fit for our team.